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+term And's the terms, please note this is default and thus implicit! E.g. '+oil +gas' is the same as just typing 'oil gas', returns results for oil and gas, followed by results for oil or gas (partially matching)
-term Negates the terms E.g. 'oil -gas' returns results for oil, explicitly not matching gas
[ term1 term2 ] Or's the terms E.g. '[oil gas]' returns results for oil OR gas
|term Forced And, disallows partially matching results E.g. '|oil gas' returns results for oil and gas, followed by documents with only oil
"term1 term2" Phrase matching E.g. "oil and gas" returns results for this explicit phrase only
`term1 term2` Proximity matching E.g. `oil gas` returns results where oil and gas appear in close proximity, closer proximity is more relevant

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KAUST Explore is a tool to foster research-based collaboration and spotlight KAUST innovation.
Think of any topic you might be interested in learning more about, a problem you want to solve or feedback you need from an expert in a given field. Use the KAUST Explore search engine to provide you with a list of KAUST information on:
  • Faculty working in your areas of interest
  • Research centers and facilities
  • All publications and IP licensing opportunities
  • Websites that reference your keywords
By signing up to KAUST Explore’s DeepDive feature, you can save your searches and easily retrieve information on multiple faculty members, existing research centers, core lab facilities, as well as spin offs/ins and intellectual property offerings from KAUST.